NPrinting 12.3 are here!

Lates news from our partner NPrinting!

We have a new updated version of NPrinting ready to download! This new version improves integration of QlikView objects, installs our own PDF printer, and introduces new features and improvements.

And now for the full list!

QlikView Objects and Reports Integrated into Reports
“QlikView Objects” and “QlikView reports” now share Office and HTML Report features and can be used in Report tasks. You can now apply Conditions, export to a bunch of output file formats setting the Quality level and Color mode, leverage the “Vizubi PDF Printer” and use Report Security. You will be able to update your previous QlikView Entities to this new format.

Vizubi PDF Print Engine
NPrinting now installs and uses a completely user-transparent, integrated print engine for report output in PDF. You don’t need Bullzip PDF Printer anymore unless you still use QlikView content created with previous versions of NPrinting.

Report Security has been added
Reports can now be sent with either read password protection, write password protection, or both. You can set security at the individual recipient level, at the Task level, or for each single report in a task.

QlikView Objects export to CSV files
QlikView Entities can be exported to Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files.

Full support for Excel tables
NPrinting now populates Excel tables directly, so you can use Excel table functions such as filtering, conditional formatting, create pivot tables, and apply table styles.


Dynamic management of report image dimensions
Later application of filters sometimes caused distortion of the final images in Word and PowerPoint reports due to changes in dimensions. Now, you can set the Stretch property that fits your need: Don’t Fit, Fit Inside, Fit Width, Fit Height, Stretch.

Resolution of images in PDF reports
The resolution of images in PDF files generated from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint reports can be regulated from High to Low.

QlikView variables with spaces in their names are supported
QlikView variable names can now contain spaces to make them more legible. NPrinting is now able to display values for this kind of variable.

Support for Cyclic Group Dimensions in Reports
If your QlikView object uses Cyclic Groups, you are now able to manage it correctly. You can use the Active Field or force a specific field for a dimension.

Temp folder is configurable
The “Temp folder” can be set in the Options menu under Report settings.

Bugs Fixed

“File doesn’t exist” error when previewing a Word report
The “File [TemporaryFileName] doesn’t exist” error has been resolved. It occurred when trying to preview a report immediately after clicking on Save As.

Running a Help file search locked up NPrinting
Searching the help file sometimes caused NPrinting to quit working.

Objects in containers are usable in reports
Objects inside QlikView document containers are now useable in all reports. QlikView 10 release SR2 and later or QlikView 11 are needed.

No More Black background for PNG images with transparent backgrounds:

Please contact us to download and install the new version.